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Wayne L. Morse Courthouse

Sustainable Facilities Tool

Make Effective Decisions


Buildings and Health
Learn how to identify and eliminate building health risks while providing positive physical, emotional, and social supports.
SFTool Product Search

Save time by searching brands and products that comply with federal sustainability requirements. Sort compliant products by performance, create projects, and gather documentation to streamline procurement.

Submetering Wizard
Use the Submetering Wizard to learn about potential submetering features and benefits by type. You can also mark which benefits you’ve attained and create a customized list.
Cost-Effective Upgrades

Identify potential high-performance improvements based on your building’s size and climate zone.

Using Acquisition Lifecycle Tools
Explore tools and resources provided by the Federal government to promote cost-effective and sustainable acquisition during each phase of the procurement lifecycle.
Responsible Business Conduct

Does your organization promote workers' rights and safe working conditions, prevent human trafficking, and address other related risks? Verify that your procurements are responsible.


Use our building personnel skills assessment tool to ensure cost-effective operation by assessing your knowledge, identifying areas for training, and locating free resources.